It's a New Day

I really adore living on Milwaukee's lakefront, on the western shore of Lake Michigan, one of our Great Lakes and one of our greatest treasures.  In late June the sun appears at 5:14 am, and like a farmer, I arise with the light. If the light doesn't do it, my cat Eden will kindly paw me because she knows how I cherish watching when the sun peeks over the perfectly linear horizon on the lake.  Thank you, Eden.

As a guest on this site you are welcome to peek at any of my rantings and ravings. My vision is for each idea here to be potentially uplifting to the reader. All of the content here is just my musings; my joy is to share them with people seeking this kind of hopeful perspective ... and silliness.


First, Take a Breath... Breathe

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Let your inspiration bring spirit into your body, out to the tips of your fingers.  Now you are ready to browse. Perhaps you will find a blog post inspiring, or something in the store adorable.


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Enjoy the bits of wisdom and silliness here. Some idea here will be of perfect timing for you right now. You choose the right message for you... trust your guidance to it.