What We Think We Know

I called my daughter Betsy in MPLS to see how she was feeling. She bumped her head last week. She said, “Two days of headache, now totally ok.”  Then I asked her, “Anything else big you wanna tell me?”  Then, silence. I thought she might be pausing to think of something important, or how to phrase it.  Then more silence, and I had a visualization of tears welling up in Betsy’s eyes and her voice being gone for a moment because of something really big and sad going on in her life… then I glanced at my phone and realized the phone connection was lost.  Haha. So I called her back and told her what I had just gone thru with my thoughts and we both had a great laugh.  It’s funny where the mind can go when it is left unsupervised.  What we think we know… it can be completely wrong.