Abraham-Hicks and Garrison Keillor Together?

I went to to see Abraham-Hicks at a workshop in Chicago yesterday morning and Garrison Keillor and his Prairie Home Love and Comedy Tour in Madison Saturday evening.  Wow, so much pure, simple, innocent, beautiful truth in one day.  I have dozens of wonderful ideas to share from these two incredible events, but I will only share one from each.

Abraham:  “The single most important relationship you have is with your Higher Self.  If you get that one right, everything else falls into place perfectly”

Garrison (from a song):  “We’ve got Viagra, we’ve got Zoloft. One makes you hard, one makes you soft.”

My final take… this day felt more real to me than any day I can remember. It felt like the veils of the physical world had been lifted away to reveal the true reality behind it all.