Dr “Bones” McCoy

In the TV show Star Trek from the 1960’s set in outer space in the 23rd Century, Doctor Leonard H “Bones” McCoy on the Starship Enterprise used to make diagnoses on patients with a hand-held device called a tricorder.  He scanned the device over their bodies and got detailed readouts.

Which is actually more “real”…?  Allopathic doctors today do it by pressing, poking, prodding, scanning, x-raying, drawing blood, taking biopsies, and ramming cameras into our orifices.  Acupuncturists do it by pricking us.  Chiropractors do it by touching us.  Reiki Practitioners and Chakra Re-alignment specialists do it with their hands hovering above our bodies.

I think I prefer the “reality” of the Bones McCoy method from 50 years ago.  Apparently, it’s good enough for the 23rd Century, and it was good enough for 23 Centuries ago.

So next week I have my Chiropractic appointment on Monday and my Chakra Re-Alignment visit on Wednesday!


Dr Rick Schaefer MD!!!!