Hey Rick, what's your favorite color?

Yellow, of course.  Why?  Because it is bright, awakening, optimistic, stimulating, and represents sunrises, new days, and new opportunities!

So then, what is your favorite animal?

The penguin.  Because it is contradictory. It is all of one thing and at the same time all of another. It embodies so much energy of opposites.  It is black and white. It seems casual (and naked), and yet formal... like it is wearing a tuxedo. It is so clumsy looking on land, and yet so graceful and acrobatic in the water. It appears so delicate and soft, yet is so rugged and survives in a nearly uninhabitable climate and environment.  It is winged, and yet flightless!  It is an enigma!

What is your favorite word?

I would say ubiquitous!  It is a funny thing, words.  There are words we use incorrectly all our lives. I thought balmy meant cold and uncomfortable for decades. Yet there are words we adore.  I adore egalitarian, crag, enigma, epiphany, confabulation, bookkeeper, permutation, einbahnstrassa and shwimmerbad (okay, that's German), choice, random, fabulous, whee, and spatula.  Oh, nothing and nowhere! Nowhere is awesome because it is also "now here."  And of course, imagine:  "I M A GENIE"

So why the heck so you even have this site?

Weird, right?  I think I just want to put ideas and concepts out there that have the potential to help a few people.  I believe that those people that are in need of an encouraging word may "randomly" find that word here. I believe that those within reach of an idea will find it. And somehow, just the thinking of these positive encouraging playful ideas, just the thinking of it, the writing of it, the sharing of it... just that alone can raise the spiritual consciousness of the world just a tiny bit.
And I feel compelled to do what I can.

What is your favorite question?

I suppose it would have to be, "What is the windspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

So you have three kids... which is your favorite?

Ha, nice try!  Each is my favorite, beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's interesting; it is an age-old question with a predictable response, but clearly it rings true. How can it be? But clearly yes. Totally true.

Why is the sky blue?


So for those of us not willing to read your ridiculously long bio, and I have to assume that is ALL of us, what is the takeaway from all that?

That's easy...  It all matters. It's all connected. Everything that has happened in your life matters and has led you to this very moment in time... who you are and where you are.  You could not be in this place without it. Embrace all of it, rejoice in all of it, appreciate ALL of it!

What is your favorite personal quote?

"There is nothing that has ever been done that hasn't also been done with nothing."

So what are you doing now that you have retired from patient care as a physician?

I am catching up.  I have spent the majority of my life doing, and now I am focusing on "not doing," and catching up on being!

Do you have customer service?

Sure.  Fill out the contact form, or call and leave a message at 414-573-8800.

What’s your return policy?

Anything... anytime.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yup. Anywhere, anywhen, anywho.

Is there anything else you would like to answer before we ask it?

Yes, and whatever the question... the answer is love.  Yes and love.  All the answers you ever need.