Photography and Painting Together?

Artists are just the most unique and wonderful people. I had the great joy to attend the Historic Third Ward Art Festival on Sunday in Milwaukee.  I was reminded how amazing it is that they discover and create something brand new, and then, they commit to it, fully, and bring it to life! I saw many of my favorite artists and creators at the festival and had one brand new “Aha” moment. Ron And Liv Colbert from Miller Grove Texas had something mesmerizing on display, something I almost couldn’t look away from.  They call it Fusion Art… A Marriage of Painting and Photography.

Liz takes a series of pictures in nature, and settles on three favorites.  Then Ron is challenged to add two original paintings between to tie them all together into one piece. Absolutely amazing. So wonderful to gaze upon. They really come to life.  The stream you see here, it looks alive, and you can’t help but fill in more of it… I could actually see a much larger mural in my mind’s eye and could see the water flowing in one side, and then continuing on downstream out the other side. It was such an amazing effect.  I hope the photos I include here do it justice… but it truly was just mesmerizing to me.  Wow.